We often have a small selection of Society Welfare ponies looking for loan homes.  These ponies often come from loving homes that have had changes in circumstances and make wonderful companion, show and sometimes ridden ponies.

Home needed!

Available for long term loan

We currently have a single mare looking for a new loan home.

Please contact us for details as these ponies have specific requirements.

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About our Welfare support

The trustees of the Society are aware that there may be welfare problems and have measures in place to offer help and assistnce. The Society accepts that things do go wrong with animal welfare due to various different circumstances such as owner’s age, illness, financial hardship or sometimes just obvious neglect.

The Animal Welfare Act 2006 requires that you ensure any horse, pony, donkey or mule for which you are responsible, whether on a permanent or a temporary base has:

A suitable environment to live in

A healthy diet

Is able to behave normally

Has appropriate company

Is protected from pain, suffering, injury and disease.

The society belongs to the British Horse Society Breeds Committee which has regular meetings to discuss welfare. It is also imperative that we educate the public in all matters relating to the breeding,history,care and ownership of British Spotted Ponies.

The future of the breed, welfare and preserving the old bloodlines is paramount for future generations to enjoy. A breed that has always been so highly regarded deserves to be protected. If anyone has any concerns regarding any welfare issues then please contact us.

Many ponies have been rehomed through the society

Sucess stories


A nervous mini now well loved in her new home with a new best friend


Now part of his own mini herd of rescue ponies

Raindance and Cinderella

Enjoying life in their new home with new adventures


Cultivating a new career as a much loved mud hippo

Chloe and Thea

Enjoying the pampered life

What Owners Say

What British Spotted Pony Owners Say

I had never heard of the British spotted pony before I ended up with one, he is the smartest most loving pony I have ever met, everyone who meets him loves him,I wish I had had a British spotted pony when I was a kid!

Jenna Foskett


Beautiful, incredibly smart with hearts of gold 

Asenath Back Chamness


Looking for your next Spotty friend?

The Society offers free advertising to members for their Stallions at stud or ponies and youngstock for sale.

Alternatively you can visit our Welfare page where we have ponies looking for their new loving homes due to changes in current owner circumstances.

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