Breed History

The origins of this unique and beautiful breed

The British Spotted Pony is an endearing creature recognised for his unusual coat markings, his wonderful temperament and versatility.


He was at one time feral in the British Isles and his spotted coat pattern was his natural camouflage as he roamed the heaths and forests of ancient Britain from the ice age onwards.

At this time England and France were one land mass and cave paintings dating from 18;000 BC at Peche Merle in SW France illustrate early mans impressions of the animals he hunted and obviously had some mystical/religous influence.

The presence of spotted horses across Europe from Iberia to Turkey is documented in manuscripts and tapestries as far back as the Middle Ages.  Among the many European breeds that can have a spotted coat is a strain of the Welsh PonyA document from 1298 mentions that Edward I of England had a spotted Welsh horse.

With so many having left our shores during the 1960’s and 1970’s the British Spotted Pony became relatively rare and so in 1976, the Society split with the ponies of 14.2hh and under being looked after by The British Spotted Pony Society, while the bigger ones went under the wing of the British Appaloosa Society.

What Owners Say

What British Spotted Pony Owners Say

I had never heard of the British spotted pony before I ended up with one, he is the smartest most loving pony I have ever met, everyone who meets him loves him,I wish I had had a British spotted pony when I was a kid!

Jenna Foskett


Beautiful, incredibly smart with hearts of gold 

Asenath Back Chamness


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