Moby My Newt and Marygolde Evening Star. The British Spotted Pony makes a wonderful driving pony.



The Full Register:

This is for spotted ponies who have two parents and four grandparents registered with the BSpPS or in a place of one parent and two grandparents have an allowable British Native breed or riding pony outcross.


The Provisional Register:

This is for spotted ponies that have less than the required criteria for the Full Register and is essentially a register for grading up.


Solid Colour Register:

This is for ponies of known spotted breeding who are solid colour; they are placed according to their pedigree onto either the Provisional or the Full Solid Colour Register. Ponies who later 'spot out' are transferred onto the appropiate spotted register.


Part-Bred Register:

This is for ponies that have one parent registered with the BSpPS and the other parent a registered but non allowable outcross. Ponies have to grade up from this register by crossing with BSpPS stock to achieve 87.5% British Spotted Pony blood.


International Register:

This is for imported ponies and those bred from imported stock, this too is a grading up register and ponies are crossed with BSpPS stock to achieve 87.5% BSpPS blood.


Supplementary Appendix:

This is a list of spotted ponies or ponies of spotted breeding, who do not qualify for entry onto one of the above Registers.



From 01st January 1998 registerable foals must be issued with a passport. Ponies are placed on the appropiate register from the above list. Following the introduction of compulsory passports for all horses/ponies in 2005 new European Union (EU) Regulations, which came into effect on 01st July 2009, mean that all foals born must now be microchipped before an owner can apply for an equine passport.



The British Spotted Pony Society


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