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The British Spotted Pony Society  (BSpPS)
Spotted PoniesThe British Spotted Pony Society evolved when the horse and pony elements of the British Spotted Horse & Pony Society went their separate ways in 1977. The British Spotted Pony Society holds the mother studbook for the British Spotted Pony breed and has full DEFRA recognition.

The Society's aim is to encourage the breeding of quality spotted ponies and to foster interest in and promote the breed.
There are three distinct types of ponies; miniatures - under 42 inches (107 cm), riding ponies and cobs.
Spotted coat patterns are diverse;
  • Leopard spot - everyone's idea of a spotted pony, coloured spots on a white base coat.
  • Blanket spotted - a plain base coat with a white blanket over quarters and back, usually there are spots on the blanket
  • .Snowflake - white spots on a solid base coat.
  • Spotted roans which have a marbled pattern.
  • Few spot - have hardly any spots at all but have the ability to pass on their spotted genes.
For more details follow the link for Breed Characteristics or Register.
Whether you have one spotted pony or hundreds of them or just like the look of them, there is something for everyone in the BSpPS. We publish regular newsletters that are filled with information and interesting spot related articles.

Champion SpottiesWe hold the British Spotted Pony Society Breed Show each year in either June or July. There is in hand showing for miniature and riding ponies. There are also driving, riding, jumping and novelty classes. The show ends with the judging of the National Champion. Other shows hold classes for British Spotted Ponies; we generally present Society rosettes to the highest placed members

The Society has a Sales List, if you want to buy a spotted pony (or sell one) this is a must. There is also a Stallion Directory, essential if you are planning a family! The Society has promotional stands, shows and events.